Why a modular plant?


IPM Technologies modular facilities are autonomous and scalable. Modular plants allows customers to manufacture and install complete drug production units and secure reaseach laboratories, respecting a strict cost control and deadline.

Respected deadline

Operations performed in our factory are fully mastered. We guarantee a perfect set up on final customer site, with relatively short completion dates ranging from 4 to 16 months depending on the type and volume of the production unit.

Investment and operating cost under control

Implantation studies validated with our client define the performance objectives of the modular unit.

The modular concept facilitates the control of production costs. Indeed, implementation of the factory in our local facilities avoids possible production disruption and any additional costs for the customer.

Modular unit implementing speed at the customer site enables an efficient production start. Modular facilities can also optimize operating volumes and surfaces in an ergonomic environement.

Our modular plants are competitive solutions in terms of costs and prices within the overall cost of a project.

A flexible and scalable solution

Modular plants make it possible to easily and quickly develop an existing facility:

  • Technical ease of your production: adding a new production module, modifying a process, increasing production capacities etc.

  • Modules easily adapt to new environments.

Technology Transfer

A modular plant is a perfect way to carry out technology transfers for players within the pharmaceutical industry wishing to develop research or to commercialize new products. The modular unit, built and carried out on our site, meets the characteristics and constraints of technology soughts (vaccines production, aqueous solutions in dry form, conditioning in primary or secondary form…).

The modular production unit is then validated as an analogous drug production unit in Europe and then transferred to the final implantation site.

Quality control, mastering production conditions and respecting standards

IPM Technologies quality processes meet ISO standards.

The realization of units in our buildings and in a predefined production process ensures quality and meets the criteria of European regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Our quality department ensures that the process and the environment match the performance objectives of our clients.


A short, effective and qualifying training of your staff

IPM Technologies offers its customers a training adapted to their needs: our customer’s staff will not only be trained on our premises during the realization, but also afterwards on the client’s site.
As part of a support component, an additional training is carried out by our teams on the site of our customer, at a rate of one intervention per quarter during two years and according to the results of measurements of performances carried out.