What is a modular plant?

Modular plants offered by IPM Technologies are delivered as complete turnkey structures. We provide plants for the pharmaceutical industry and a plug-and-play Biotech laboratories solution.

General Principle

  • The design of the pharmaceutical plant is carried out by our engineers.

  • The factory is carried out in a mobile enclosure that respects regulatory requirements by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

  • The utility equipment and networks (pipelines, power grid…) are integrated and predisposed in our buildings, under similar conditions of the configuration of final production (safety, hygiene, containment).

  • The validation of the plant and the qualification of the equipment are carried out in our buildings, according to the customer specifications.
  • We ensure preparation, packaging and transfer of the plant to its future new operation site.

  • A training of the staff is provided in our factory with the process and utilities equipmennt running and finally to the starting of the operation site.

  • Our teams carry out the deployment, the reassembly, and the final commissioning of the plant

  • Over the course of two years, we assist our clients during our trimester visits with the production and the development as well as the maintenance of the factory

A controlled process

The completion of a modular plant takes 4 to 16 months, depending on the particular size of the unit. The process is broken down in 4 phases:

  • Phase 1: design.

  • Phase 2: realization in our buildings.

  • Phase 3: installation and putting into service on site

  • Phase 4: support.

Applications of the modular

IPM Technologies modular production plants and laboratories are destined to the pharmaceutical industry, research in biotechnologies, and any branch of industry concerned with the risk prevention of contamination:

  • High biological safety laboratory meet the safety standards of high protection BSL2 and BSL3 (Biosafety level): cellular culture, virology, blood treatment, reconstitution of cytotoxic drugs…

  • Experimentation laboratory and animals modular labs.