Software development and team training

Our technology transfer goes with operational staff training and the implementation of dedicated software.
This is essential for the operational management of the units and its success.

IPM Technologies develops the training program from the beginning of your project to the set-up of your production unit.

Software development: fields of application

IPM Technologies’ software provides all the necessary functionality for managing your process and drug production lines:

  • Entreprise Ressource Planning (ERP)
  • Equipment Control Software: monitoring, centralised technical management
  • Manufacturing Management Software

Each software proposed by IPM technologies is compatible and interdependent with its application suite.

An effective and lasting technology transfer

IPM Technologies’ approach consists of transferring its know-how and technical competence to your operating teams to manage your pharmaceutical production unit.

The technology transfer is carried out by our engineers and pharmacists from the beginning of the project to the set-up of the production. We then provide a specific assistance plan for two years.

Initial training

Theoretical and practical training for your staff, including using the associated software, during the assembly / integration operations and tests in our premises in France. These tools ensure the running and the control of the drug manufacturing as well as the monitoring and the system check of the unit.

On-site training during production start-up

Once the production unit is delivered and assembled on your sites, the trained staff in France will be assisted by our team of engineers and technicians during the production start-up.

The major objective is to make them autonomous with the use of the production unit:

  • Production launch of each type of pharmaceutical product
  • Production
  • Production and product control

Assistance and substantive support

Quaterly visits of our technicians for two years following the start-up of your production unit, including:

  • Additional training: incremental and appropriate for your team, this training makes your operators independant and operational
  • Performance monitoring: our technicians will assist your staff to optimise your production progressively
  • Preventive maintenance: we will ensure an audit of the essential components of the production line in order to detect anomalies, handling errors or abnormal aging of certain parts