Partner of the development of your production sites

Pharmaceutical laboratories and a regular need to increase production

In a few weeks of implementation, IPM Technologies allows its clients to:

  • limit a production’s shortage.
  • speed up the set up of an installation under controlled atmosphere.
  • develop laboratories and production units abroad by facilitating the operational stages and the technology transfer

Sucessful carried out partnerships

IPM Technologies also guides industrialists who are either drug manufacturers or biotechnology companies in the development and the optimization of their installations by respecting standard rules.

Among our recent achievements:

  • Novasep Biopharma: Delivery of a complete vaccines’production modular unit
  • Nanobiotix: Delivery of a pilot development modular unit
  • Ethypharm, Quevilly: Delivery of a generic drugs’ production ISOdule® laboratory
  • Disposable LAB, Martillac: Delivery of a clinical trials’ development ISOdule® laboratory
  • PX' Therapeutics, Grenoble: Delivery of a modular ¨pilot¨ laboratory allowing operation ‘s development and biotech batches pilot’s production.