Modular Laboratories

IPM technologies ISOdule® laboratories are autonomous and movable clean rooms. They assure a perfect protection and a complete containment of biotechnological, pharmaceutical and medical activities.

To control risks of biological contamination

ISOdule® enclosures ensure a thorough environmental control (dust contamination, hygrometry, temperature, differentials of pressure) and are in conformity with safety standards.

  • High biological safety BSL 1.2 and 3
  • Confined enclosures OEB5.

The modular function offers a perfect processes integration

  • Production and analysis equipment
  • Operational utilities, distribution networks
  • Specific installations, waste treatment

Modular laboratories’ flexibility allows an easy installation depending on the configuration of your activity and your needs:

  • Inside a dedicated site or “Green field”
  • Within the framework of a restoration or an extention site
  • For compliance of your existing facilities

Reference materials:

  • Research and development laboratory pilots, enclosed in high biological security
  • Animal house and expiremental unit
  • URC: cytotoxic drug reconstitution units
  • Cellular and gene therapy unit
  • Blood treatment unit
  • Operating room, etc…