Concentrate production for hemodialysis

IPM Technologies provides a turnkey structure for the manufacturing and packaging of hemodialysis concentrates. This production unit is composed of several modules with specific functions, allowing a safe and secure supplying of finished products for care units, while offering flexibility in the manufactured formulas.

The hemodialysis concentrate production unit is composed of:

  • A production area equipped with a modular structure, air treatment, process equipment, packaging area
  • Utilities for production: water treatment, process steam, compressed air unit, electric power system, power generator…
  • Various facilities: production area arrangements, furnitures, storage racks, airlock…
  • Centralised Technical Management (CTM) and production management software

IPM Technologies also provides its customers with 14 formulas treating hemodialysis patients.

Capacity of the production unit

  • Output: 2 million de litres / year
  • Storage of raw materials and packaging items: 400 pallets including 100 tons of raw materials corresponding to 4 months of production
  • Storage of finished products: 300 pallets corresponding to 4 weeks of production