Care and treatment centres for dialysis patients

Care and treatment centres for dialysis patients

IPM Technologies’ dialysis centres have been specifically designed in order to address the care access problems in emerging countries and critical areas. These medical facilities meet local needs and are implemented by public health organisations, private clinics or investors.

Main advantages

IPM Technologies’ modular care units are fully autonomous. They are associated to local hemodialysis concentrate production units in order to complete our supply chain « drugs production / direct provision of care services ».

  • Accommodation capacity: 20 or 30 dialysis chairs according to the model selected
  • In or outside « greenfield » implementation near hospitals, clinics and local health care centres
  • Ergonomic design to facilitate patient flow and to increase patient’s overall comfort
  • Simplification and logistic efficiency
  • Control of contamination risks
  • Complete interior packages (reception, locker rooms, relaxation room, treatment room…)
  • Optimisation of treatment session time and quality

Technical advantages

  • Centralised computerised equipment system
  • Technical and maintenance supervision
  • Operational autonomy for a week (without supplies of concentrates and consumables)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Centralised or individual generator in accordance with care and patient typology
  • Waste recovery and wastewater treatment system using a regulatory environmental quality approach