Modular Plant "pilot" - Px'Therapeutics (France)

"Pilot" modular units adapted for Biotechnology companies

A modular plant with a production space of 337 m2 was designed and installed on behalf of the biotechnology company PX 'THERAPEUTICS in Grenoble. This is an installation that is "GMP" that allows operation developments and a pilot batches of biotech production.

The specifications imposed strong constraints in terms of transportation, and management of pharmaceutical flows. The setting up of a "turnkey modular plant" by IPM Technologies highlighted two plants of air treatment.


Main features of the plant:

  • 8 structuring modules installed in exterior conditions
  • 1 double protective enclosure / confinement with technical plenum
  • Dust Class areas: ISO 7 and ISO 8
  • Containment P2 - Pressure, Relative humidity and temperature control
Turnkey plants that meet strict safety standards